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Travis Pastrana Talks His Most Dangerous Stunts

For those who are familiar with extreme sports, I think just about everybody including the casual fan has heard of Travis Pastrana. This guy has climbed to some amazing heights and pulled off some incredible maneuvers, putting life and limb on the line as he pushes himself and the machines that he rides on or in to all new heights both literally and figuratively, taking the stunt world by storm and catapulting himself to a place where it’s going to tough to be touched. There is a reason why Pastrana has become a household name in a world where not too many have managed to fight their way to the plateau that he has.

Now , over his illustrious career, Pastrana has really achieved some jaw droppers. With a sport like his, some of the stunts that he has managed to complete have to stick out more than others. So in the eyes of the man himself, what are some of the maneuvers that he is found to be the most challenging or daring? When you put your body on the line on a daily basis, it can be a hard decision to make but it looks like Pastrana really has a couple of situations pinned down that were the scariest to him and just by watching them, even on this side of the screen where you’re firmly planted to the ground, you get a giant rush of adrenaline. Some of these maneuvers really push the limits on physics and just how much one is able to accomplish in the air.

With the collection of stories that involves a roof to roof jump in Los Angeles that Pastrana cleared by about 6 feet, spanning over a 100-foot drop, all the way to the time that he double backflipped, there are definitely clutch moments that really came together to paint a picture of his career and make it the piece of art that it has become today. Listen in to the Graham Besinger interview down below that allows you to get up close and personal with some of the heart stopping moments from the man who seems to have no fear.