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Trooper Can’t Give Parking Ticket To Car Made Of Snow

Being a police officer has to be an incredibly stressful job. Not only do they have to deal with operating in a highly dangerous role but also one that requires a lot of decision-making to be done. Being able to make these choices might not seem like a massive deal to most. However, when amassing all of the choices that need to be made in a day in this role, we could very easily see how things might become a bit cumbersome. However, every once in a while, we’re sure that some officers might run into something that makes them smile. This just so happens to be one of those times.

This time, we follow along with a situation where, for one reason or another, a police officer walked up to a vehicle to take a look at it. From the looks of the video, perhaps this vehicle was “illegally parked” or something of the like. However, when the officer ended up making his way up to the car, he would discover something pretty amazing. Instead of just any car, this would be a machine completely erected from snow. When he spotted what he thought was a vehicle, It looks like he decided to pull out his phone and record a little video, talking about exactly what it was that he had stumbled upon that day.

So, instead of writing a ticket, it looks like this Ford Mustang was going to be able to get away with nothing more than a verbal warning. It’s not every day that someone runs into a creation like this just waiting on the street but it looks like somebody managed to put some serious time and effort into making sure this snow car would be able to come to life. It would’ve been good enough to fool us!