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How Much Trouble Could a $2,000 Car Cause on a 50 Cent Set? (A LOT!)

When it comes to creating media for a musician, it could take a lot of work. I don’t think that it’s any secret, but in most cases, the majority of a music video set isn’t owned by the artist. Instead, they rent out or contract everything from cars to talent. With an artist as big as 50 Cent, let’s just say that the production can get a little bit extravagant. It takes a lot to keep up with the image that 50 has built for himself. Sometimes, though, it isn’t always about having the most expensive prop imaginable.

This time, we join in with John Ficarra, the former owner of Creative Film Cars in New York as he tells us a story. In this story, we learn about a 1982 Buick Regal that 50 just had to locate. The car needed to be gold in order to mimic his first car. It sounds like something really easy, right? After all, it’s a car that only has a market value of around $2,000. While the task wasn’t impossible, finding a gold Regal was a challenge. The company was going to just find a similar car and get it painted. Just in time, though, they were able to find a kid whose dream was his 82 Regal.

From there, the car would head to set. Let’s just say that those on set weren’t exactly gentle with the machine. In the midst of setting up the car just right, about of carelessness would lead to a damaged Regal. Some would say that it could easily just be bought on the spot. After all, 50 Cent’s crew was sure to have the money on hand. However, Ficarra took it upon himself to treat the Buick just like any other car that he’d lent out.

The VinWiki video below outlines what such an experience was like from start to finish. As it turns out, things can get a bit wild in the world of music videos.