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Truck Driver Goes Off the Deep End, Plays Bumper Cars in Highway Road Rage Incident

When it comes to disagreements that pop up in traffic, I think that it’s safe to go out on a limb here and say that it’s pretty much never worth engaging with another angry driver. Sure, that quick fit of road rage might feel cathartic. However, these days, you never really know what the reaction is going to be on the other end of that rage.

Sure, maybe a not-so-friendly hand gesture isn’t the most harmful thing in the world. We never know what’s going to happen on the other end of such a gesture, though. Perhaps, the driver that you’re having it out with is going to get a little bit angrier than your average person and react in such a way that’s going to make you wish you just moved on with your life.

Recently, we caught wind of a video that kind of makes us want to never engage in any sort of road rage ever again. In fact, if there’s anything that’s going to make you want to become the most polite driver on the highway, this is that situation.

Now, we aren’t necessarily saying that the target of this anger necessarily did or didn’t do anything to provoke their adversary. However, when the driver of a pickup truck got a little bit upset in traffic, the driver let it all hang out. Instead of taking that anger and letting it pass, this particular individual engaged in some pretty insane road rage tactics.

Below, we check in with the situation that apparently had been going on for long enough that somebody else in traffic was able to pull out a phone and record it. We highly doubt that the person recording was expecting what happened next, though, as the car pictured in the video tried to pass the pickup truck and ended up getting slammed into the wall with a vengeance.

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