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TruckClaws Emergency Tire Traction Aid

If going off the beaten path is your game, you might be aware that it is pretty easy to get stuck out there and as a result, there is a whole aftermarket of parts that are dedicated and ready to help you out of your situation whether they be a permanent or temporary fixture on your vehicle.

This time, we check out one of those aftermarket parts in the form of something that goes by the name of “TruckClaws,” an emergency tire traction aid that promises to be of help if you find yourself stuck in the muddiest of scenarios.

By strapping this device on your tires, the traction aid is supposed to dig down deeper, adding on top of your tread with a metal digger that should be able to grasp whatever is below to give you a little boost!

Check out the video below that shows off the TruckClaws in action and tell us what you think. If you find yourself stuck in a pinch this could most definitely be the help that you need to make sure that you get home safely.