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Trucker Narrowly Misses Clobbering Minivan Skidding Wrong Way Across Highway

As content curators here at Speed Society, we see all kinds of different videos.

One of the categories that we find plenty of content in would be dashcam videos from big rig trucks. As it turns out, there are a lot of times when these massive machines end up in hairy predicaments. Frequently, other drivers on the road fail to realize just how little maneuverability these trucks actually have. Because of that, it seems like heavy-duty truck drivers can often end up in bad situations.

This time, we tune into a situation that isn’t showcasing another driver being inconsiderate. Instead, the driver that tangled with the big rig here seems to have simply lost control of their vehicle. We have no idea how that happened. However, the driver’s fate would be left in the hands of a semi-truck driver to try and compensate for the mishap.

When we tuned in, the scene really made our stomachs churn. We tensed up as we watched the minivan lose control on the opposite side of the highway. In the wet conditions, the van ends up gliding across the center lane and into oncoming traffic. If the big rig driver in question didn’t change his course of action, that van would’ve been blown into a million pieces. Luckily for all parties involved, though, the semi driver was on his toes, ready to react and avoid the accident albeit narrowly.

The video below showcases the entire situation that was way too close for comfort. Sometimes, you just have a bad day and can’t help but end up in a bad situation on the roadways. That very much appears to be what happened to the driver of this minivan. Luckily for them, though, they didn’t end up in the worst-case scenario. This is some crazy good luck if we have ever seen it.