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Tuff Truck or Broke Truck?

We’ve been watching for quite some time now as Farmtruck and AZN have set out to do something a little bit different. Instead of finding themselves on the drag strip, as we’ve come to know and love them for, this time, they were in for something different. The new endeavor is something that we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into.

With the latest leg of their journey, the duo would travel to Delaware. The goal at hand was to use their new rig to take on the tough truck challenge. In order to field this challenge, obviously there wasn’t very much in their stable that could get the job done. Looking to vehicles like “Farmtruck” or something like the “Jeeper Sleeper,” none of them were really designed to be able to head off of the beaten path. If they were, these things are still way too nice for the beating that tough truck would provide.

This time, the “Dirt Farmer” makes its debut in the tough truck challenge. With everything that we know about team FNA, we were pretty confident that watching them compete offroad would be an absolute blast. When push came to shove, their performance did nothing short of deliver with flying colors. These guys seem like they can entertain in just about any format.

As we follow them, the guys were having the time of their lives. Because this machine was built to beat on, they have absolutely no remorse. It seems as if, with every second, this thing is getting pushed even further. Eventually, they find their way through the offroad oasis that they took head-on. Watching it all unfold is nothing short of pure joy.

We came into this thing with quite high expectations for the Dirt Farmer and FNA. When these guys put the pedal to the floor, we were very pleasantly surprised with how far beyond those expectations Farmtruck and AZN managed to carry themselves.

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