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Tuning Software FINALLY Available for the ZR1 and Results are Vicious!

In the drag racing community, when the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 came out, it made a little bit of noise around the watercooler. We found ourselves impressed as the car has managed to find its way into the 9-second range without any modification. As far as we know, only some basic bolt-on mods have been developed for the car. However, tuners have been unable to get into the software to change anything. Therefore, any major modifications developed for the machine would be basically useless. As we’ve all become bored with the stock ZR1 at this point, the conversation has shifted to the C8. Just a couple of days, though, Corvette talk is back on the C7 ZR1.

As it turns out, tuning software from HP Tuners has recently been released that now allows anybody who’s willing to shell over the money to get into the ZR1 computer. This means that all that untapped potential can finally be tapped into to see how much of a beast these cars really are. As we know, most manufacturers release a safe version of the car that can be stretched out a little bit. Most of this is due to our pals over at the EPA.

The guys over at Race Proven Motorsports in Delaware were one of the first to finally be able to put a ZR1 on the dyno rollers to see how much it could pick up with the addition of a tune. After all, this variant of the Corvette was one of the most dominant on the scene in its last generation. We know that enthusiasts have been itching to see what the seventh generation ZR1 has in store.

By following along with the video below, we get a solid baseline on the car that tells us what exactly it’s capable of with a GM Performance Airbox, American Racing Headers and no tune. After that, we get to watch as tuner, Fran Schatz, works his magic and picks up some substantial horsepower with the car. It’s pretty crazy that all this comes with nothing more than some skillful pecks on the keyboard. Just imagine how the machine will react when the car gets even deeper into the well of modification.