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Turbo Hayabusa Quad On The Dyno is Straight Mayhem!

If you want to see someone in action who is as close as it gets too downright, certifiably crazy, head to your local track when they have the race quads running. These guys are putting down tons of power with these tiny little machines that dig in, grab lots of grip, and jerk in every which direction, using every single inch of the racing surface as they sway side to side on their way down the track to some impressive times. When you stuff a lot of power in the something this small, you know that it’s bound to be a great time with lots of adrenaline involved.

In this video, we’re on the scene with a clip captured by the guys over at English Racing as Lucas English is working on something just a little bit different when he gets a turbo Hayabusa powered quad on his dyno to work on. As the quad has recently been fitted with a Motec M130 ecu and a drag package, Lucas is now playing with the quad’s auto shift feature to get it dialed in just right. When you get to work on it, but quad really puts on a show as the turbo absolutely screams and we get to witness the quick shifting action for ourselves as the intense machine backfires several times, showing off just how rowdy of these things can really be.

Check out the video down below as the quad goes all out, spilling its power on the dyno as it gets dialed in for maximum efficiency. When all is said and done here, you know that this four-wheeled powerhouse is to be an absolute riot to get behind the handlebars of. It’s machines like this that are going to be out there taking down the likes of Lamborghinis and GT-Rs that can really give someone trust issues!