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He Crammed a Turbo LS in a GMC Syclone, Immediately Set the Internet on Fire

As we navigate our way through the world of wheels, we find some interesting dynamics unfolding. For example, there are definitely some corners of the enthusiast world that are a little bit more sensitive than others. When it comes to certain platforms, the fans of said platform will absolutely lose their collective minds to hear about an engine swap. Obviously, we understand that not everybody is this way but sometimes, these stereotypes hit the nail on the head.

One community that we have found doesn’t like their toys tinkered with that much would be “SyTy” fans. We’re referring, of course, to the GMC Syclone and GMC Typhoon that were produced in the early 90s. We could name a few others but we’ll leave that one to comment section debates.

At the time, the turbocharged V6 engine under the hood of the mini trucks was certainly different. In a way, it was far too ahead of its time. Eventually, these small displacement boosted applications would end up taking the performance community by storm. However, these vehicles were quite the anomaly in the performance landscape of the early 90s.

Now, some tuners have definitely had luck with the platform. However, others have decided that they just wanted to do something different. This is where engines like the LS-series make their way into the mix. However, I think that it might just go without saying that some diehard purists definitely take issue with these swaps. With the rarity of these trucks, it definitely has become a bold move.

In any scenario, that doesn’t seem to bother Syclone owner, Tom Joy, one bit. We have to admit we’re absolutely loving every square inch of his mini truck that has foregone its original power in favor of 408 cubic inches of turbocharged LSx muscle. Is Tom breaking the mold by LS swapping a truck? Not necessarily. Is he breaking the mold by dropping it in a Syclone? Absolutely. He tells us that people can’t help but ask a million and one questions the second they lay eyes on it!

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below from Street Car Takeover, we get even more detail on what this thing is all about. To say that the truck is rather controversial would be an absolutely accurate statement. To those who love anything fast, though, we think that they will fall in love immediately.

What’s not to love about all-wheel-drive turbocharged LS power?

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