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Turbocharged Snowmobile That Launches Like a Rocket!

If there’s one general rule of thumb for making something fast, it’s that if it has an engine, you have to include it in the realm of possibility that somebody could get their hands on and try to make it rip. We’ve seen far too much to believe otherwise. While a vehicle that is already used for adrenaline-fueled fun, the snowmobile isn’t necessarily one that many would consider for drag racing. However, when the right gearhead got his hands on this particular snowmobile, he kind of rewired the whole meaning of what a vehicle like this is all about, taking it to a new level entirely.

This time, instead of seeing a snowmobile with a setup that was designed for a little bit of leisurely riding in the snow, this one has been completely repurposed. Instead of sitting on your average everyday snowmobile frame, it looks like the machine has been stretched out substantially, allowing the vehicle to stay nice and planted on the ground even when all that turbocharged power ends up hitting the ground. The idea here is for this beast to plant and go and that’s absolutely what it does is it digs down deep and slays the surface at hand with absolute ease, or so it would seem.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to tune in to the situation that has this incredible machine absolutely rocketing from the launchpad, taking on a strip of dirt and grass that really isn’t ready for all that this ski and spike clad machine has to offer. If the peoples’ reactions from starting line speak to exactly what this thing is capable of, it looks like an absolute blast to ride, that is, if you can manage to hold on as it frantically hops out of the hole.