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Turn Into A Dolphin Or A Sailfish With This Insane Mini Submarine

So, let’s say you want a submarine, but you also want a jet ski, and maybe, for whatever reason, you want to ride on, or inside, a dolphin, whale, shark or sailfish. Is this a bad acid trip? Perhaps, but it’s also exactly what went into the Seabreacher, an insanely cool personal watercraft that should be hitting the market soon.

We are going to point out up front that these things are not cheap, selling for upwards of $80,000, but with all of these awesome features, it’s hard not to justify the cost. To sum it up, the Seabreacher is a self-contained submarine with the capability to go underwater as well as skim across it like a jet ski. Capable of hitting speeds of 50 MPH atop the water and cruising along at 25 MPH underwater, the Seabreacher will certainly get you where you’re going quickly. Of course, if you’re out for a day on the lake or river, you’re probably not actually going anywhere specifically, and that’s honestly exactly where this PWC shines. Just hit the water for some cutting up, and there’s even room for a friend on board. If you really like the whole jet ski idea, you can ride along on top of the Seabreacher while somebody else drives, or you can even wakeboard behind it, proving just how versatile it is.

They also offer custom builds for individuals or companies who want to use their ‘Breacher for promotional purposes, as you can see in the video when we see the model custom built for Landshark Beer, featuring room for a keg in the back and a built-in beer tap on the side. Now if that’s not exactly what you need for a day on the water, I don’t know what is.

If the Seabreacher is a little too expensive for your budget, there’s also a badass motorized surfboard that powers you along at a brisk 15 MPH for up to an hour on a single charge. With wireless bluetooth controls at your fingertips, the eFoil, which looks like a great way to get around the lake or river at a little more reasonable price point, checking in at $12,000. These are 2 of the coolest water rides we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to see our fans checking them out for themselves whenever you guys can!