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Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang is Nothing Short of a Rocket Ship!

We don’t know too much about this car, except it’s twin turbo and it hauls ass!

There aren’t too many brand new Coyote-powered Mustangs out here with twin turbos, but that doesn’t mean the few that are out there aren’t lightning quick. This one opens up the video with a pretty solid run, laying down a very respectable 10.17 ET at just under 140 MPH. Most anybody with a boosted ride that was probably driven to the track, or at least could be if the driver wasn’t worried about breaking parts. But there’s a little more left in the tank for this Mustang, and the driver decides to go ahead and turn up the boost and take another shot at the stick 1320 at Orlando Speed World.

Lined up alongside a healthy sounding fox body Mustang, the new S-550 launches hard and sticks pretty well, hiking the nose way up in the air as the car screamed down the track.While the fox body did lay down a hell of a run in the near lane, the new Coyote-powered Mustang put up some of quickest numbers we’ve seen out of the new body style in the other lane, ripping off a 9.52 at 141 MPH, putting the car deep into the vaunted 9-second club that many purpose-built race cars have a hard time reaching.

This car not only runs amazingly well, it looks great doing it. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the “throwback” styling of the S197 body style, the new versions are truly great looking cars, and that badass Coyote powerplant is more than worthy of the praise and hype around it. We can’t wait to see more of these cars getting the boosted treatment and ripping down the 1320, posting up these single-digit ET’s and huge MPH! Thanks, as always, to BigKleib34 for his excellent footage!