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Twin Turbo F-150 Dangerously Fast Sleeper vs 1150 HP Subaru in AWD Battle

One of the joys of building a hot rod is that it’s a canvas for individual creativity. There’s no single formula for making things fast, and while there are tried-and-true methods, those who think outside the box often stumble upon new techniques to ramp up the excitement and create something unique, which might even outperform conventional competitors on the racetrack.

In this showcase of “This vs That” from Hoonigan, we meet two remarkable rides, neither of which follows the typical drag racing playbook. Both offer a distinct twist on the genre, highlighting incredibly fast cars that might be overlooked in more traditional drag racing circles.

In one corner, we have the Subaru WRX STI, a car that pushes the envelope with its unconventional approach. This Subaru delivers a whopping 1150 horsepower to all four wheels, thanks to a massive turbo and various drag racing components. It’s a true masterpiece of all-wheel drive engineering, designed to tilt the scales in its favor.

In the opposite lane, we feature another vehicle that harnesses the power of all four wheels, and it’s a true standout. In fact, it might be even more unconventional than the Subaru, as it takes the form of a Ford F-150 pickup truck and dials up the excitement to a whole new level. What’s surprising about this build is that it maintains many stock components. Instead of transforming into a highly detailed and complex racing machine, the F-150 seems to have merely added a pair of turbochargers and hit the racetrack. While it incorporates other subtle modifications, it’s relatively close to stock in terms of power, according to the owner.

In the video below, we witness these two monstrous machines go head to head in a thrilling drag racing showdown. It’s a battle between unconventional powerhouses, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.