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The New Ford F-150 Raptor R Drag Races Two Fast American V8s & Amazes The Crowd!

In an era where it often appears that the entire automotive world is pivoting towards an electric-powered future, the last few years have brought forth some exciting nuggets of combustion-fueled horsepower that have reignited the passion of enthusiasts.

One such delight happens to be the formidable Ford Raptor R. It seems that when Ford caught wind of Ram’s audacious offering—the over 700-horsepower TRX model—they knew they had to respond to safeguard the legacy of their Raptor Halo truck. At that time, the top tier Raptor was equipped with a turbocharged 6-cylinder EcoBoost engine that, while not lacking in performance, couldn’t quite match the firepower of the 702 hp TRX.

And thus, the Raptor R was born. Now, it’s time to witness how this beast fares in the real world. Typically, pickup truck owners aren’t overly concerned about how their truck performs on the quarter-mile drag strip. However, for those who invested in the performance pedigree of the Raptor R, this is precisely what piques their curiosity.

In this thrilling endeavor, the crew over at The Fast Lane Truck invites us to join them as they unleash this gleaming new super truck onto the drag strip, showcasing just how swiftly it can traverse the quarter mile when stacked against some much lighter competitors.

Indeed, the Raptor R carries a certain heft, especially when compared to the sleeker machines that typically grace the drag strip. Yet, it’s precisely this David-versus-Goliath dynamic that makes it so exhilarating to see whether the truck can summon enough raw power to overcome its weight disadvantage and challenge formidable opponents like a Chevrolet Corvette.

In this outing, our hosts pit the truck against a C6 Corvette and even a Dodge Charger police cruiser, providing an electrifying display of just how quickly this hot-rod pickup can scorch the pavement.