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Twin Turbo Ford Falcon Controlled By Fueltech FT600

When it comes to the cars that we find on the Fueltech dyno, we have to say that they are second to none. In the scheme of horsepower across the racing landscape, these cars are about as brutal as it gets. Honestly, we would be pretty surprised to find that any machine that finds its way to their YouTube channel makes less than 1000 hp. In fact, most are going to rocket substantially past that mark.

This time, we find a machine that’s definitely no different. Seriously, this car practically sweats horsepower from every last pore. Upfront, we can immediately tell that the car is about business. The pair of massive turbos hanging off of the front of the engine look like they could suck all of the air out of the room and then some. With the help of a FuelTech FT600, they might do just that. When the Ford Falcon fires up and finally gets the dyno moving, it seems like that concept really comes to life.

The Ford pumps pure adrenaline as the machine cranks out some serious horsepower, all while making a sound that would put any competitor on edge. Long story short, we’re not sure that they really get much nastier than this one. This car has probably done more than its fair share of dream killing.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to ride along for a wild experience. In the scheme of the Internet, we have become rather desensitized to crazy cars. However, in a world where everything seems to be going fast, this Falcon is something that’ll turn heads at the track and snap necks for those riding inside if they aren’t careful!

The machine is definitely one that you might want to consider cranking the speakers up for. Don’t crank them up too loud, though, that screaming exhaust can be a little bit overpowering.