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A while back, we introduced you guys to Vixen, a badass Dodge Challenger powered by a twin turbo combination with tuning duties being handled by legendary small tire badass Nick and Rich Bruder, better known as The Bruder Brothers.

The car was built to compete in Radial vs the World and is also capable of bolting on big tires and wheelie bars and playing in the world of no prep. This past weekend, driver Jack French and crew loaded Vixen up and rolled into Topeka, Kansas for the first race of season 2 of No Prep Kings, debuting the car in pretty impressive fashion.

In Saturday’s Big Tire Shootout, French faced off with a literal Murderer’s Row or no prep badasses en route to the win in what is arguably one of the toughest classes to win in no prep. In fact, his first round opponent was considered the favorite to win the race, but apparently nobody told Jack, who stood toe to toe with Chuck Parker and the wicked 55 Chevy that’s become a force in the no prep world.

Many of these races are decided when one of the cars shakes or spins the tires and gets out of shape, but there was none of that, with both cars laying down solid passes in both lanes. However, when the cars crossed the stripe, it was Vixen getting the win light and the pass to move on to the second round.

Things didn’t exactly get easier though, with heavy hitter Jerry Bird waiting in the Bird Boyz Probe in round two. Again, there was no easy pass, with Jerry laying down a solid pass, but coming up just short of VIxen’s top end power.

In the final, yet another big timer in the no prep game, Scott Taylor from Street Outlaws New Orleans. With his nitrous-huffing Trans Am primed for battle, Taylor got an early lead against Vixen, but could only watch as the twin turbos kicked up the boost as the car blitzed the eighth mile to take the win. What a great debut for this team, and what killer footage from TheRacingVids!