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Twin Turbo K5 Blazer Gets DOWN In The Desert – Wheels Up!

While it might not have been a bad vehicle or anything, the last thing that you would expect out of a K5 Chevrolet Blazer would be for said Blazer to be fast. That’s not necessarily a knock on the truck, either. I’m sure that if you had your expectations tempered in the correct direction, the Blazer could serve plenty of people for the purpose that it was designed to serve. Asking one to go fast would be almost like asking a fish to walk on dry land. It’s just not something that most people would come to expect given the situation at hand.

However, when some people look at just about any platform, they have the ability to see a version of said platform in a completely different manner. This time, that different version of the blazer would indeed have the truck going fast, so fast indeed, that it would go incredibly viral on the internet as people would be amazed at exactly what this thing is capable of. To be honest, this one had my jaw glued to the floor as it took off and pulled the front wheels up, spitting out that wonderful whistle of turbocharged power.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch this SUV that is apparently LS  powered with a little bit of boost to make things more interesting. When all is said and done, the truck looks like it’s about the ultimate desert machine and one that we would absolutely love to go for a ride in. If you’re looking for a good day in the sand then look no further because this boosted SUV looks like it’s able to take what could otherwise be a pretty mundane day and turn it into something that’s very much noteworthy.

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