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Twin Turbo Nova is a Looker With Massive Twin Turbo Power

When it comes to putting together a machine that anyone would consider to be perfect, there are a lot of areas to consider. Not only doe it need to bring spectacular mechanical workings to the table. The crew will also need to focus on the way that it looks. In the world of drag racing, sometimes, this isn’t exactly an area where most invest too much. After all, it could be a full time job just keeping up with the maintenance items on a car. Keeping it fast can take some serious time investment.

In this particular case, we catch up with a video from JMalcom2004 that shows off a Chevrolet Nova fitted with a little bit of boost. This thing is as clean as a whistle. From top to bottom, the machine looks so clean that one could practically eat off of it. Clearly, no stone was left unturned with the immaculate build.

This time, we follow along with the car as it does a little bit of grudge racing. While no times are displayed on the board, it looks like a rocket! By the way that this thing rockets out of the hole and follows through on the big end, we could tell that it’s really something serious. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that we wouldn’t want to run into this beast in a dark alley.

This is one that we would definitely recommend turning up the speakers for! By following along with the video below, we’re exposed to the entire experience. This muscle machine turns up the intensity in a couple of clean passes. We would be so inclined to think that there aren’t too many cars on the premises that would turn heads as much as this incredible work of art. When art and mechanics come together in one package, we get machines like what you’re seeing here.

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