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Twin Turbo Old-School Ford F100 Is Off Its Rocker

If you have ever gone through the options as far as a starting point for a high-performance build, you might notice that many of the ones that make the most sense in terms of spending cash to get results revolve around either something that’s a little bit newer or maybe a vehicle that’s a couple of decades old but is very common and cheap to grab hold of which follows that the aftermarket supports it as well. However, even in some high-performance builds, going fast isn’t the only target of the builder’s admiration and they’re willing to spend more time and money to make something special go fast.

Sometimes, perhaps the builder might just want to see a certain platform portrayed in a specific way. For example, truck fanatics certainly know that they’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to weight advantage, however, there’s just something so cool about a turbocharged pickup truck that really has the ability to make crowds turn their heads in admiration. Building something completely different is a way to stick out from the crowd and have something that really makes an impact beyond what you might see otherwise across the landscape.

This time, what we get is a little bit of a teaser from a vehicle that we are absolutely dying to see an action as this Ford F100, of all platforms, has been put together with a killer twin turbo set up that looks like it’s ready to go out there and do some damage. When these kinds of old trucks are typically built, they’re usually done for show purposes but something tells us that this old-school Ford has a little bit more than a good show under its belt. Unless, of course, your version of a good show is kicking ass as it sends smoke off of the tires.