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1800hp Twin Turbo Viper So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Sometimes, there just so happens to be a machine that stops us in our tracks and makes us do a double-take. This is that machine!

Sometimes, it might be a show car that really draws in the attention. There are times when someone is so meticulous with their ride that it almost looks better than when it came from the factory. Other times, the wow factor might come in the form of major performance upgrades. There have been countless times where we couldn’t help but gawk over some sort of power adder that created the perfect setup.

This time, it looks as if we’re checking in with a machine that has a little bit of both. This beast is a bit of a blast from the past. It takes us back not only to a day when the Viper existed but it was still under the Dodge brand before it departed into the SRT nameplate.

Upon approaching the car, we can immediately tell that something is special about it. As with many Vipers, the twin 76mm turbos are hiding out of sight. When we catch up with the owner, though, he tells us all about them and the custom turbo setup! Even more impressively, he continues on that the 1800 hp car isn’t limited to track use only. Instead, we hear a touch about the subwoofer setup and how he likes to drive it locally on the street! It’s probably one heck of a machine to catch at a red light!

By following along with the video below, we’re able to get a glimpse of the machine in action at Street Car Takeover in Columbus, Ohio! Among the impressive machines there, this one was definitely a stand out performer. It simply isn’t often that it gets much better than this amazing machine built for speed! – BigKleib34