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Two Yachts, 1 Billion Dollars!

When considering folks who are beyond rich, dipping their toes in just about any investment or toy that they should please, sometimes, the disposable income that is thrown around is really nothing short of mind blowing. With some of the items on the market that really yield the high dollar price tags, there’s no stopping that ball when it gets rolling, in some cases. Just when we all thought that maybe spending a couple of million dollars on a boat would be nothing short of absurd, along comes a pair of yachts, owned by Russian oligarch, Andrey Melnichenko, that put such figures to shame. Seriously, someone could buy a country with this kind of loot.

With a video like this, we get a tour, via drone, of a couple of vessels lingering in Monaco that find a way to be nothing short of amazing. When we found out that the pair is worth something like $1 billion, our jaws instantly found a way to be cemented to the floor in amazement.

It’s wild to think that there are people out there spending this kind of money on leisure. When glaring at the magnificence of these vessels that almost seem like massive pieces of floating art, it really puts the world into perspective with just how extravagantly rich some individuals have grown to be.

By pressing play down below, viewers will be taken on the ride of a lifetime, hovering above these vessels and taking a look around them as we’re all exposed to some insane feats of aquatic engineering. We have to warn those who are about to step into this one, though, because the footage here might present a strong urge for just about anyone to want to purchase a boat to get out on the water as soon as humanly possible.


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