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Ugly $7,000 Honda Insight Sleeper Surprises Lamborghini, GT-R, New Corvette

In a world of purchasing cars that are made to go fast or building them yourself, there are a lot of things to focus your attention on. Now, obviously, if your goal is to build something fast, performance is going to be toward the top of the list and when it comes to something like a sleeper, while other cars might focus on looking nice and preparing you for the hurt that’s about to come with their aesthetic, these sleepers only focus on one thing and one thing only. They want to be able to go fast enough to punch the opponent in the mouth, figuratively of course, but also don’t want to put too much into their appearance because the whole concept is to sneak up on someone and surprise them.

Is this one, the topic of discussion is none other than a Honda Fit (Yes, REALLY). It’s definitely a car that most would consider to be so ugly that it barely has a place in the market even with the fuel mileage that it’s able to get. However, when one individual got their hands on it, they decided to flip the script a little bit and create a machine that would go above and beyond, taking the innocent looking car and converting it into something that some of the fastest production cars in the world would have a hard time handling. This is where one of the ultimate sleepers has been born and it’s a ton of fun to watch.

In the video below brought to us by the guys over at That Racing Channel, we’re able to take a look and watch as this Honda makes the most of its performance abilities, taking the moment to backhand a couple of cars that, well, to be honest, probably look to the unsuspecting viewer like they would handle the Fit with ease. However, in the racing community, it’s definitely one place where you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because you never know when THIS is going to happen.


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