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Ultimate Call Out Challenge Recap With Street Outlaws Star Farmtruck!

When Vibrant Performance wanted to throw down the gauntlet and find the toughest, most badass diesel truck in the nation, they put together the Ultimate Callout Challenge and tapped Street Outlaws star Farmtruck to head up the action and help organize the madness that comes from a dozen diesel-powered trucks from all corners of the map all lining up to do battle.

There’s a little something for everybody at the UCC too, with some drag racing, a dyno competition, and a sled pull to determine which shop has the baddest pickup in the nation. The video below features highlights and results from each day to help keep track of how your favorite diesel tuner stacks up in their niche.

Hit that play button and watch as these pickups line up and go head to head to establish the shop and truck to beat for next year, when the UCC will take place again!

Alligator Performance | Vibrant 2017 UCC

Great video of the Ultimate Callout Challenge by Vibrant Performance!#AlligatorPerformance #AlligatorNation

Posted by Alligator Performance on Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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