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Living Out of a Jeep Wrangler – Overland Converted Jeep is the Ultimate Mobile Living Quarters

As Americans, we have a tendency to like to collect a lot of things. There’s something about all this “stuff” that makes us feel a little bit more comfortable. However, for those who have chosen a minimalist lifestyle, they have abandoned all the stuff in favor of the open road. Spectating this is rather interesting but it takes a lot of courage to jump into it.

Now, this might not be a lifestyle for all of us. However, it could be pretty interesting to watch how some of these folks get the job done. After all, as human beings living in the modern age, we all have some sort of standard of living. All of us would probably like to efficiently be able to cook for ourselves and have a place to sleep. Furthermore, being able to take a shower every now and again is something that’s pretty nice.

So, with a Jeep Wrangler, would it be possible to live a comfortable life? We aren’t just talking about driving around a Wrangler on a regular basis. We’re talking about moving into one. It seems like rather tight quarters to squeeze into, even as compared to some of the other mobile living options out there. For Drew Simmsthough, a Wrangler would end up being just right, with a little bit of modification, that is.

By following along with the video below, we watch as a common vehicle becomes so much more. It turns out that when we end up dropping some of the excesses, people can actually be pretty resourceful. After watching something like this, some might even find out that there is a lot in life that they might take for granted.

Living out of a Jeep might not exactly be the life for everybody. However, the ability to overland looks like something that spells out absolute adventure.