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The Ultimate Mazda Miata? Meet The $70,000 Custom Built Miata

For those of us who have ever taken part in an automotive build, we know that things can get expensive really fast. We would actually argue that, in the vast majority of cases, budgets are almost always surpassed. One moment, you’re gearing up to maybe spend a couple of thousand dollars. The next, your budget blows way past that original mark. In fact, many experienced mechanics will advise expecting this kind of phenomenon.

When someone is getting ready to go to the biggest automotive trade show of them all, they might be expecting to spend this kind of dough. After all, SEMA is about as big as it gets! This is how someone takes a vehicle that’s incredibly obtainable like the Mazda Miata and sinks $70,000 into it.

So what exactly does a $70,000 Miata look like? Some might think that for a Miata to be worth that much, the owner would have to leave $60,000 in the glove box. However, this time, we take a tour of the juice that was worth the squeeze. This car has quite a personality.

With a slew of carbon fiber, suspension upgrades, and lots of custom parts among other additions, we would have to say that this is money well spent. In fact, it’s arguable that this conglomerate of modifications brings this Miata into an entirely new world.

For those who are a little bit confused as to how someone could spend that much money on such a vehicle, dialing into the video below might be a helpful way to find out. The handyman behind this one left no stone unturned in the pursuit of making this machine something really special. From top to bottom, we see all sorts of custom touches that really make it stand out from the crowd. This is a Miata unlike any other.

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