Ultimate Party Boat, Pontoon Doubles In Size At The Push Of A Button

Let’s say you just happen to find yourself with $40,000 or so burning a hole in your ...

Let’s say you just happen to find yourself with $40,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket and you decide you want a boat. That’s a pretty common decision for folks with cash to burn, as the boating market is pretty healthy and has been for decades.

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But, what if you want… more? What if you want… bigger?

One of the biggest constraints for how big a boat you can buy is the fact that you have to get it to the water legally and feasibly. This means that, for the most part, your going to be limited to a boat that can be pulled behind a pickup truck. Yes, we know all about those massive powerboats that hit the Lake of the Ozarks, for example, that are towed by massive 18-wheeler rigs, but for the general public, a pickup truck is usually all that we can swing. So that means your boat is going to have to be somewhere around 8 to 9 feet wide, both due to your truck’s towing capabilities and to stay within the confines of the law. Unless you need a huge wake for surfing or wakeboarding, a pontoon boat is an ideal option.

Now, just imagine, dropping your pontoon party boat off in the water and pushing a button that causes the deck to expand from a standard 8.5 feet in width out to an astounding 17 feet! Well thanks to the geniuses over at 2X Marine, you don’t have to imagine! This video shows their new take on the party barge that does just that, and it’s really freakin’ cool!

Not only does this pontoon boat come with the insane expanding deck capability, you can get it decked out with a canopy that expands out from the center, custom LED lighting, and a host of other options to make sure your floating house party is the talk of the river! Of course, as with most things, you have to pay to play. The innovative design starts at the $40,000 mark and goes up from there, but if you want to have the coolest setup on the water, you can’t skimp on price!


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