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Ultimate Sleeper?! LS4 Powered Pontiac Minivan Slays the Streets

Ultimate Sleeper, LS4, Powered Pontiac ,Minivan

When thinking of a minivan, there are some things that would be correct to come to mind. For example, most would be incredibly accurate if they pictured a safe vehicle in their head. In addition, a second feature that might come to mind is versatility. After all, getting the family around and being able to store all kinds of stuff is basically what these things are designed for. However, one feature that does not come to mind when thinking of a traditional minivan is speed. In fact, it wouldn’t be too shocking to learn that some of the folks behind such vehicles took the “fun” out of everything quite literally. It doesn’t seem like a vehicle whose creators would want to make fun to drive.

This time, though, we check out a minivan with an owner who might’ve had a little bit of something different on their mind. In fact, he seems to think that with this different attitude, he might have one of the first vehicles of its kind. We can’t say that we found much evidence to dispute the fact that this might just be the only LS4 swap minivan in the entire world. The fun factor is really kicked up a notch when the V8 is thrown into the equation with the unlikely vehicle. In fact, it might even go so far as to turn this minivan’s world upside down.

By following along with the video below, we get a quick little tour of a minivan it might just be a little bit of a sleeper. For those who haven’t heard of the LS4, it’s one of the less common members of the LS family. Essentially, it’s a 5.3 three L V8 that shares some architecture with other LS engines. This time, though, it’s mounted transversely, meaning that is used in front wheel drive applications such as this.

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