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Ultra-Rare Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Trimaran

Only first-in-class materials and equipment are used to build a Hanstaiger X1. The hull is manufactured in a single piece using a vacuum infusion technique to increase strength and reduce weight. The whole superstructure is 100% carbon fiber, with an exceptionally high glass-to-structure ratio with smart glass technology. The high-capacity lithium batteries and custom-designed electrical system, power state-of-the-art navigational equipment, cameras, and domotic systems. The 70m2 lounge area converts into a stunning beach club, with seagull-type windows opening up to the sky. The quality of the finishing and attention to detail make the experience of living on board equivalent to that of living in a luxury villa.

The X1 is an exceptionally well-designed trimaran, with all the hydrodynamic advantages that brings. The sailboat version can reach speeds of 20 knots. The powerboat version can achieve speeds of 30 knots thanks to more powerful engines. The interior of the X1 is designed to feel like you are in a luxury home. Natural light fills all areas of the boat, thanks to the glass roof structure and oversized lateral windows. There are no narrow corridors or maze-like internal structures; the layout is designed to feel open and easy to move around in. The toilets are properly sized, with all the space, functionality and finishings you would come to expect from a 5-star hotel.

The Hanstaiger X1 is a boat that has been designed to last and has received top CE certification for blue ocean sailing.

The “Space” The X1 offers a 70m2 lounge area that converts into a beach club with an additional 25m2 of deck and swimming platform extensions. Ceiling heights range from 2.3 to 3.2m . The owner’s cabin is over 30m2. The flybridge nears 35m2. 80% of the interior space is all on one level. “Lights” The X1 has one of the largest glass-to-structure ratios in the industry. In order to help regulate internal temperatures and ensure privacy, windows come equipped with smart glass technology allowing adjustment and dimming of sunlight passing through into interior of the boat. Four large window panels open up, further enhancing the beach club experience in the lounge. “Electric Might” The custom-designed electrical system has a massive 50kw Lithium battery system and the power to run the boat for hours without resorting to the generator.

The X1 has the power of plenty.”Power Sailing” The sail version of the X1 has a custom sail design with captive winches allowing to raise and set the sails at a touch of a button, as well as enjoying a clutter-free deck. The sails themselves are performance grade.



Maximum Length: 64 f / 19,72 m

Waterline Length:  18,20 m

Maximum Beam: 10 m

Draft: 0,92 m (Retractable Keel)

Maximum Displacement: 40 ton

Total Sail Area: 245,5 m2

Total Interior: 152 m2 (Salon: 72 m2)

Total Outdoor AREAS: 77m2 (FLYBRIDGE: 30 m2 – beach club extension: 27 m2)

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