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Unbolting the Passenger Seat for High Horsepower Ride Along Videos is the New Trend in Reactions

The tradition of ride-along videos, as old as car content on YouTube itself, revolves around placing an unsuspecting passenger in the front seat of a remarkably powerful vehicle and seeing how they react to all of said power being unleashed at once. The premise hinges on the passenger’s unfamiliarity with high performance cars, ensuring their reactions are both genuine and spectacular.

While reaction videos continue to circulate and still capture our interest from time to time, the format has become somewhat repetitive over the years. As just about any channel that has covered cars has participated in one way or another, it was only a matter of time before someone injected a fresh twist into the mix to revitalize these videos.

The latest innovation involves unbolting the passenger seat before the unsuspecting rider takes their place. Despite the continued use of high-horsepower vehicles, the added element is that, upon hitting the throttle, the passenger seat is sent hurtling into the back of the vehicle.

The resulting reactions never fail to elicit smiles, as passengers brace themselves for the powerful machine to thrust them into the seat. Unaware that the seat is about to take them on a much more dynamic ride than anticipated, the passengers’ reactions add a new layer of excitement to the classic ride-along video concept.

Just about every case has both those in the car laughing uncontrollably and the audience doing the same. While some may become keen to the idea eventually, this fun twist is one that has most certainly made the concept a lot of fun to dive into.

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