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Unboxing and Testing a $2,000 Chinese Electric Pickup Truck

With the help of the internet, buying just about anything is possible.

In this day and age, even if you want to buy a vehicle and have it delivered to your front door, that can be arranged quite easily as well. For those who might be shopping for a traditional vehicle, all sorts of services offer to deliver whatever make and model one desires.

Even for those who are shopping for something a little bit more quirky, there’s likely to be somewhere on the internet where it can be purchased. In this particular situation, we check in with an individual who is looking for a roadworthy vehicle on an extreme budget.

This is where we meet the “Chang Li Explorer,” a mini electric truck straight from China. With just $2000, the sketchy contraption could be yours. Fortunately, there are folks on YouTube are willing to test it out before somebody goes out and spends the two grand. Even though it’s not that much money in the scheme of things for a vehicle, it’s certainly a lot of money to throw away if the vehicle ends up being junk when it shows up on your doorstep.

This time, thanks to EbikeSchool.com on YouTube, we get a complete tour of the Chang Li Explorer. It doesn’t necessarily look like something that we would be comfortable driving around on the highway. However, there are some things that it seems to do pretty well. In terms of a golf cart sized pickup truck, the machine looks the part.

How well does it perform, though? By checking in with the video down below, we get to see just that. So, is this thing going to be on the wish list of lots of folks now or will it be a complete waste of a stack of cash?

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