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Unexpected Mid-Flight Refueling Conversations Between Fighter Jet Pilot and Boom Operator

What Does An F22 Pilot Say To A Boom Operator During Mid-Flight Refuel?

It’s pretty crazy how certain folks can get used to different things and act like it’s absolutely nothing. This is the phenomenon that many might notice in their life with one thing or another. However, for those who are behind the controls of fighter jets, their normal is pretty insane to the rest of us. These guys not only go through some pretty extensive training but are also exposed to wild situations in their regular job description. Therefore, with a situation like refueling, they might be practically falling asleep. Us, on the other hand, we’re definitely fully entranced in what’s going on.

In this situation where pilots of fighter jets and a refueling plane come together, it ends up being pretty dramatic. Just to show how mundane this is for them, we were able to grab this clip off of YouTube that shows some of their radio chatter conversations. While trying to slide a fuel filler into a fighter jet thousands of feet above the ground, we would think that it would be a nerve-racking situation. However, as it turns out, both the person in control of the fuel spout and the fighter jet are cracking jokes and talking to one another about regular life things. Imagine how mundane normal days must be for them when they’re off duty!

By following along with the video below, we get to join in on a clip that is anything but average. However, for those involved, it’s just another day in the life. There are all sorts of different ways to make a living but these guys might have one of the most interesting methods of bringing home the bacon. To them, though, it looks like just another walk in the park. It doesn’t get all that much more confident than that!