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Used Car Dealership Full of WRC Rally Icons that ANYONE Can Buy

While many car dealerships blend into the automotive landscape as each model on their lot seems to melt into the next boring crossover, some stand out as unique and exciting destinations for enthusiasts. KG Motorsports is one such dealership that offers an exceptional experience from top to bottom, rivaling museums with an inventory that most would only have the opportunity to see in a video game or on TV.

KG Motorsports is not your typical car dealership; it’s a place where automotive dreams come to life. The dealership is dedicated to building, restoring, and selling race-ready rally cars to the general public. If you have a passion for racing and the means to support it, this is the ultimate destination. They not only create new rally cars but also offer iconic WRC rally cars with legendary histories.

These cars are purpose-built and designed for the track, so they may not be street-legal, but that only adds to their allure. Inside the walls of KG, you’ll find a collection of rally monsters that are ready to tackle the toughest terrains. From their design to their performance, every aspect of these cars is crafted to perfection.

KG may not cater to the average car buyer, but for enthusiasts and gearheads, it’s a haven filled with automotive wonders. Stepping inside KG is like entering a paradise of horsepower, where you’re surrounded by some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring rally cars ever created.

After taking a tour of KG Motorsports and exploring their inventory in the Hagerty video below, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite among these incredible machines. Each car represents the pinnacle of rally racing, and any automotive enthusiast would find themselves in heaven within the walls of KG. It’s not just a dealership; it’s a celebration of automotive excellence and a testament to the enduring spirit of motorsport.