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Used Excavators Can be Bought For Surprisingly Cheap

When purchasing heavy equipment, this market isn’t one that most folks are familiar with. Someone like myself, though, who has very brief knowledge of this kind of stuff knows that it cost an intense amount of money to be able to purchase something like an 80,000-pound excavator. In fact, according to YouTube creator, Waldo’s World, the host of this particular experiment, buying a brand new CAT excavator with similar specs to the one that he purchased at auction would set him back about half of $1 million.

However, when approaching a used 80,000 lb Liebherr with a little bit of wear and tear, he would be able to add it to his collection for substantially cheaper than that price tag. In fact, the $7,500 that he spent at auction would simply scoff at the idea of spending six figures at all. It almost seems like a price that’s too good to be true for something that was once more expensive than a house.

Our host does remark that this particular unit has a little bit of wear and tear and doesn’t have as many options as the $500,000 Caterpillar unit but it supposedly runs and does the job that it was built to do. What more could one ask for out of a unit that provides a personal excavator to play with… I mean, “work with” any time that they want?

Down in the video below, we get to learn about what other expenses one might go through if one decided to purchase such a machine. In addition to the purchase price, there are definitely some other places where a little bit of money could be spent for the full experience. For example, it’s certainly not cheap to transport such a machine. So, what does it all amount to? Is it worth adding one of these bad boys to your own fleet? It’s time to find out just that.