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Using Boiling Water To Remove Car Dents

When it comes to unsightly dings on your car, everyone would probably rather just avoid them altogether but sometimes, it’s just impossible to get around a situation like this. There’s not much you can do when another driver bumps into you and you’re forced to look at these dents or call your insurance company and when you consider both how inconsiderate people can be and how much it’s going to alter your insurance rates, you might just be better off going a different route to bring your car back to something that doesn’t look too unsightly once again.

If an insurance claim sounds like too much of a hassle to remove dents like this and getting a professional do it isn’t really in the budget, this time, we take a look at a method that might help you get the dents out of your car by using basic household items that could reduce your cost to nothing more than a couple of minutes of your time. It might just be worth a shot if nothing else, even if you end up taking the car to a professional eventually anyway to get the work done the right way.

With nothing more than some boiling hot water and a plunger, this DIY YouTuber goes to work on their Toyota, having at it with these supplies to try and bring a car back to a form that’s as close to showroom floor condition as possible. It might not be 100% perfect but for free, it might just be the cheapest repair that you’ve ever done or ever will do!

Watch below to see how exactly one would go about removing dents with nothing more than these two simple supplies. Is this something that you would try on your car before having a professional look at it?