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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Cooking a Turkey with his Mustang RTR

Thanksgiving is upon us, and expert chef and drifting badass Vaughn Gittin Jr. is bringing the bird!

VGJR, as the star of “Gittin in the Kitchen”, is ready to prepare his turkey for the holidays and he’s been kind enough to share the recipe with us! Take your turkey, add a nice plume of tiresmoke, lovingly embrace it with a cloud of hot Mustang exhaust, and a little time and VIOLA! Your turkey’s perky! This is made possible in large part thanks to the Mustang RTR’s awesome line-lock feature, one that should be an obvious addition to any performance car, really. Scrolling through he menus, Gittin engages the line-lock and absolutely destroys the meaty rear tires on the RTR, while the front brakes are locked down tight. This is just one of many racing-inspired upgrades on the series, designed by the drift champion himself and available through a network of dealers nationwide.

Once the timer dings and the smoke clears… a little… We get to see the perfectly cooked fowl, and Gittin promptly samples his handiwork with a huge bite of the turkey’s leg! Of course it’s delicious, it was prepared with tiresmoke and the loving touch of THE Vaughn Gittin Jr and his trusty smoker!



Cook The Turkey: Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Ford Mustang Line Lock

I can’t think of a better way to smoke a turkey than this!!#cooktheturkey #gittininthekitchen

Posted by Vaughn Gittin Jr. on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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