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Vengeance Racing, Fastest Auto AND Manual Record Set By The Same Car! (7 Sec Viper)

Within the world of drag racing, there are plenty of records that fall every weekend. Whether it’s the fastest of a certain model or maybe someone who has managed to go the fastest on a specific tire, we see all sorts of competition step up to the plate. While some of the records get rather specific, others are quite well respected.

Being the fastest of a specific model is certainly something to be proud of. This can also be split into the fastest manual or automatic transmission category. After all, it is a little tougher to row those gears by hand.

For Ned Dunphy and his 5th generation SRT Viper, he just so happens that he holds both records. How exactly does one manage to do this? The vehicle has to have one transmission or the other, right?

Well, you see, out-of-the-box, this particular SRT Viper did come with a manual gearbox. After Ned and the crew at Vengeance Racing wrenched away at this thing, eventually, they manage to put together a record pass. Said pass would have the machine hurling down the quarter mile in just 8.66-seconds. The car became the fastest Gen 5 Viper with a manual gearbox.

Ned tells us that after setting this record, he had his sights set on something a little bit faster. Therefore, the automatic swap would begin and the car would get even quicker. After making the swap, the combination would also seize the day and take on the automatic record. Even though the manual record pass was posted 9 months ago, Ned Dunphy tells us that it still stands today. Therefore, both of the records sit atop the chassis of this particular TA Orange Viper.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we can catch up with this car that is nothing short of amazing. As it turns out, the crew behind this one had decided to compete in both roll and dig classes at Street Car Takeover in Charlotte this past weekend. It was definitely one of the fastest in each category that it was raced in.

How far could the crew take it? There’s only one way to find out!