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Video Captures Volcanic Eruption as Boaters Scramble to Escape

For many people who choose the boating lifestyle, one question is presented to them at the beginning of it all. From the get-go, boaters must choose if they want to go with a sailboat or a powerboat. After watching something like this, we think that just about anyone who travels in this particular area will choose the latter.

The Island Volcano of Stromboli has been known as a rather untamed beast for quite some time. In fact, from the ABC News report here, we learn that the island has been quite active since about the 1930s. However, that doesn’t stop people from traveling there for even living at the base of the volcano.

Every once a while, when the island pops its cork, anyone within close proximity will be given quite the experience. It might be a little bit more of an adrenaline rush than most folks are looking for. Sometimes, the explosions even manage to become fatal to those in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the latest eruption, one hiker’s life was taken.

In the report below, we’re able to get uncomfortably close to the action. Luckily, it’s all from this side of the screen and we don’t have to face the volcanic rock and ash that come as a result of an eruption. However, those who watch from nearby tour boats, they were probably were given quite the scare. As the boats turned and sped away, the ash was following behind in a giant cloud. It almost seemed to be outpacing the boats at times as it threatened their buoyancy.

Luckily, it looks as if the majority of the vessels were able to accelerate away from the blast. Even though this happens every once in a while, the residents on the island seem to stay put, living with the temperamental volcano nearby.