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[VIDEO] Sacramento Man Sacrifices Own Safety to Save Freeway Drivers From Wildfire

In the event of an emergency, sometimes, it might be hard to think straight. When fight or flight kicks in, there’s a good chance that most folks are going to be trying to save themselves. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to imagine that, in the midst of a wildfire, everybody would be scrambling and trying to escape. It’s pretty much the most natural reaction that we could fathom.

Just that situation would find its way to Sacramento as wildfires would break out and take over the I-5 freeway. Drivers were basically cornered as they looked for any way that they possibly could find to get away from the blaze. It’s not difficult to see how this could turn into complete chaos in a matter of just seconds.

Luckily for everybody on the scene that day, once Sacramento man, Gerald Contreras, would play Good Samaritan. He would put aside his own safety to help. Instead of just running away and saving himself, he would hang around and act as a guide to help folks make their way away from the blaze. As the motorists would hop off of the highway, he would guide them through a ditch before helping to get to a place where they’d be away from the heat.

By following along with the video below, we see that the local ABC affiliate was able to obtain a clip from the scene. We have to give a “Hats off” to this gentleman. We can’t say that we’d expect too many folks out there to put their lives in danger like this in order to help out others. It’s videos like these that really restore our faith in humanity and remind us that there are good people out there who can do selfless things.

When seeing something like this, it’s really motivation to pay it forward, too.