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Video Shows Illuminated Cockpit Footage As Airbus A310 Takes Off Into Night

While, as a passenger, the ride might be nice and easy aboard a commercial airliner, we can guarantee you that lots of long hours of preparation along with an entire team of people go into investing in making sure that every flight is as big of a success as it can possibly be. After all, when you’re a pilot or crew member that’s responsible for not only an aircraft worth $100 million or more but also the lives of hundreds of people, you want to do all that you can in order to make sure that every last flight that you’re a part of goes off without a hitch.

In this one, we get to take a peek at just one part of that journey, but perhaps one of the most important ones, as we spectate an Airbus A310 taking flight as the crew gets it up into the air at dusk. You might think that, at night, there is a lot less to see that during the day, but when you have this sort of view, the opposite is true as the cockpit really comes alive at night with the entire control panel illuminating and giving you a good view of just how many things there are to keep track of once this baby launches into the sky.

If you check out the clip below, you’ll get a good idea of what exactly it is that’s going on up there in the cockpit the next time that you end up taking flight to wherever in the world it is that your heart desires. Seeing something like this is enough to take your breath away as the view, while super technical, is something that can really be appreciated by just about anyone with a pulse as these folks make some magic happen!