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Video Shows Jumbo Jet Blasting Vacationers Off the Beach With Jet Engine Thrust

There are few airports that are as frequently recognized in videos as St. Maarten. The airport is known for a variety of reasons, the main one being that it has incredibly close proximity to a beach.

This isn’t just any beach, though as lots of airports are near the water. Instead, this is a beach that frequently has large crowds on it. Therefore, vacationers who are looking to get a little bit of a thrill can hang out with their feet in the water while airplanes soar right overhead, preparing to land on the runway that is literally feet from the thin strip of sand, separated only by a chain-link fence with some barbed wire on top.

When people first discovered the airport and uploaded videos from the location to the internet, we would commonly watch airplanes flying incredibly low overhead as people would stand right up against the fence to film. This time, we take the opportunity to go back in time and check out a viral video that has been seen over and over again around the pages of the web. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t the only time that something like this has happened, either.

As far as we can tell, the person behind the camera here probably had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen. As a jumbo jet got its way in the position on the runway, lots of people gathered to watch what was going to happen. However, these people apparently weren’t very familiar with how such an aircraft works. As these aircraft force massive amounts of air through their engines to move forward, that air has to go somewhere. Spoiler alert, the air ends up going directly behind the aircraft.

By following along with the video below, we watch as the airplane comes to life and people on the beach go flying. This is one that we feel a little bit bad for laughing at. However, it definitely didn’t stop us from chuckling a bit.