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Video Shows Off Some Cool Ways to Use Hydro Dipping

It’s pretty neat how, these days, there seems to be all sorts of options for creating color combinations. For somebody looking to maybe modify their vehicle, a little bit of research will show that multiple different methods can be used to get creative.

Back in the day, it was as simple as using regular old paint. That was it. For anything that would be trick or custom, it would probably cost a lot of money. These days, though, with the likes of something like vinyl or dip, customization is much more realistic. In addition, they provide an option that can look good while being a bit more budget-friendly.

With the process of hydro dipping, we watch as different sorts of paint and water can be combined in order to give off a cool finish. The method creates a fairly simple way of bringing a unique look to a piece.

Normally, this is done with smaller pieces and isn’t applied to entire body panels. However, if somebody has something like interior pieces or a mirror cover that they want to customize, hydro dipping could an option. In fact, some folks have found a lot of luck hydro dipping wheels to give them a look that will stand out. When it comes to color options, the combinations are just about limitless.

In this compilation video, we follow along with some neat ideas that have brought the process to life. These ideas, in particular, aren’t necessarily automotive based. However, this is a process that could be creatively applied to a whole bunch of automotive components.

Personally, this video has me wanting to change up the look of my engine covers. A nice red and black would probably do the trick.

If you were to hydro dip something on your car, what would it be?