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Vin Diesel Talks Coronavirus, What’s Going on With Fast & Furious 9

While the world surges on in uncertainty, it seems like we can tend to feel a little bit isolated from one another. After all, with physical contact being at an all-time low, it’s only natural. However, it’s a little bit comforting to realize that literally everybody is going through the same thing together. Normal person or celebrity, it doesn’t really matter. The pandemic doesn’t discriminate against anyone and we’re all in this same boat.

With that in mind, how are our favorite celebrities handling the situation? Surely, with all that they have going on, it has to be a damper on their lives as well. As it turns out, just like us, many of them are just trying to make the best of it all. Perhaps there really is a silver lining to be found in this massive dark cloud of COVID-19.

This time, we get to join in with a celebrity who almost feels like a friend at this point. As a car community, we have been following the Fast and Furious movies for nearly two decades at this point. With that in mind, pretty much every car fanatic is somewhat familiar with Vin Diesel. It’s almost to the point where he feels like a member of the… Family. Sorry, the joke was just too easy to make.

Recently, Diesel joined Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about how things have been going for him. In the interview, he takes a moment to shoot on coronavirus, the next upcoming Fast and Furious movie, his daughter, and his friendship with Michael Caine. Is watching Vin Diesel going to make us feel at peace about everything that’s going on? Probably not. Could it hurt, though? Definitely not.

Be sure to check in with the entire interview down below that gives us the rundown of what this Fast star has been up to.