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Vin Diesel’s Friends Surprise Him With Extremely Expensive Custom Mopar

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on January 9, 2020

Originally, the first Fast and the Furious was a movie that we’re not sure anybody thought was actually going to make it. Years later, the film franchise has been going 14 years strong. It’s also become one of the highest-grossing collections of media to ever exist. Hey, who’s counting, though?

Over nearly a decade and a half, I guess we could say the film cast might have gotten to know each other pretty well. There are lots of benefits to becoming a family with those who you work with. Building a strong rapport, we’re sure, makes the day go by a lot easier when it comes to working. Furthermore, this chemistry probably contributes to a better end product as well. The most important part of this all, of course, is that these people will know exactly what to get you for your birthday!

This time, we drop in on the Fast family as Diesel’s time of the year has come around to celebrate. On July 18th, the actor turned 52 and his fellow cast members knew exactly what to get them. Appropriately enough, the gift was an incredibly immaculate car.

The car is known as the “Tantrum” as built by Speedkore. The machine has the appearance of a 1970 Dodge Charger. When we dig into it, though, we find that the looks are about all that resembles the machine from 1970.

Under the hood, we find 1650 hp from a Mercury Racing v8 when accompanied by race fuel. If Vin is looking to just fill up at the pump, we think that he will enjoy the 1350 hp just fine! The car is fitted with a manual 6-speed transmission as well. The machine is definitely aiming at saving that third pedal in a big way.

From there, we see all sorts of custom work that really makes the car pop. Perhaps the most prominent design feature is the carbon fiber exterior. This thing will have absolutely no issue standing out from the crowd. As far as Diesel’s reaction, we would say that he’s more than grateful! We can’t help but love that quality in someone.

For those looking to check out the machine and Vin’s reaction, dig into the video below!

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