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Vinny LaRosa Goes For A Wild Ride At No Mercy 9!

It’s day two at No Mercy 9 and just like day one, there’s already been some insane action on the track. Just like yesterday’s massive No Time wheelstand, we have another car dragging the bumper and returning violently back to earth. However, that’s just part of the insanity on this run. Hit that play button and see for yourself!

Outlaw 632 racer Vinny LaRosa has one of the best looking and strongest running cars in the class, a gorgeous Duster wearing Dodge’s trademark Green-Go paint. The New England-based racer comes south to be a part of the action every chance he gets, and is often the source of the action himself!

Hans Pierre from Free Life Films is on hand this weekend capturing all the action and as always, was in position to catch LaRosa in qualifying, where he sent his Duster skyward so hard that all four tires left the ground. As the car came back down, Vinny tried to get back in the throttle to keep the nose from slamming and damaging the suspension and oil pan, but that caused the car to bounce and send the nose upwards a second time.

When LaRosa felt the car riding back up, he pulled his foot out of the throttle again and this time, the front end landed just hard enough to crack the oil pan, sending a spray of hot oil under the car. As you can imagine, hot oil and drag radials don’t make for an ideal situation, especially when a car is already moving at a pretty high rate of speed. When Vinny tried to correct the car back into his lane, the oil caused the rear tires to lose all traction and sent the Dodge into a wild tailspin.

You can hear LaRosa working the throttle, trying to maintain some control as the car spins, and when it finally comes to rest, three full spins later, Vinny’s managed to crash spectacularly without touching a single thing. You can see the spray of oil under the car after the second bounce in the slow motion replay, indicating the exact moment things went from bad to worse for Vinny.