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Volkswagen is Coming Out With a New Age Truck… Game Changer?

Each and every year, automakers come out with new vehicles to try and wow the consumer and grab their dollars to create lifelong customers. Sometimes, this means really doubling down on something that they’re good at and other times, it might be a chance to explore new ventures in the world of automobiles. This time, as you can probably imagine from the headlines, we check out Volkswagen as they do something just a little bit different from what we would normally expect of them. It’s not every day that you see a Volkswagen truck because they haven’t existed in production for years.




This time, however, we check in with one of those of vehicles that might just be a game changer. As it turns out, VW has decided that they want to dip their toes in the water of the truck market. It might not be a guaranteed thing because it is just a concept, however, seeing a Volkswagen logo on the front of the pickup truck is definitely something that makes your mind get put in motion. We wouldn’t get too excited just yet because, as you know, concept vehicles come and leave without ever seeing the production line, however, it would be pretty neat to see something like this make its way to market to get another peek at what one of the major automakers can bring to the world of trucks.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get the rundown of what you might be able to expect the Volkswagen Atla. While these vehicles certainly aren’t guaranteed yet and there’s not a whole lot of information for what we can expect out of a truck like this, being able to get an early peek at one is definitely something that we think would call for the attention of lots of truck fans everywhere.