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Vote For Stephanie: Boss-X And Duck-X Need Your Help and Support

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As we have come to recognize, there are all sorts of different people who participate in drag racing. When looking at it as a whole, it’s downright crazy how many different personalities and interests converge in the car world. In a single race, we might have a doctor racing a construction worker. Don’t even get us started on the different passions that races have outside the drag strip. Speaking from experience, I’ve met someone who is interested or knowledgeable in a little of everything.

We all know of the Long family as one of the biggest names in racing. Under the name “Duck-X,” they operate some of the biggest drag races that the world has ever seen. We would even go so far as to say that the family operation has taken a step toward changing the way that we consume drag racing.

As fate would have it, Mrs. Duck aka “Boss-X” also has quite the career in fitness. Her latest endeavor is to become “Ms. Health and Fitness” which comes with quite the set of honors.

The fitness competition comes with a grand prize of $20,000. Perhaps even more exciting, the winner will get her very own 2-page spread in Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine.

In order to really expand on who readers are voting for, the magazine asked contestants a couple of questions. Boss-X says that if she wins, she will “give 1/3 to my youngest daughter to help her with her Jaycee’s Angels and helping homeless animals, 1/3 to my oldest daughter for her college, and the other 1/3 to my parents for all they have done to help support me.”

Stephanie includes that she feels as if fitness has positively influenced both her and her family. She recommends that anyone looking to get fit shouldn’t limit themselves. She includes that “The sky is the limit and anything can be achieved.”

As one of the finalists in the voting, we encourage you to go out and support one of our own. By clicking here, you can vote for Stephanie Wisnieske-Long. She’s currently first in the semi-finals!