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Wagon Named LEAD SLED Smacks The Wall at Redemption No Prep!

Lea Ochs and her Ford Fairmont wagon are long-time players in the small tire world. Lea has been racing on small tires for quite some time, and her wagon has been known as a force to be reckoned with for just as long. However, as we have seen quite a few times now, small tires and no-prep don’t always mix, with sometimes disastrous results. At Redemption 7.0 No Prep last weekend at Texas Motorplex, Lea found out first hand just how quickly things can get out of hand.

Lined up with a great looking C6, Ochs brought her nitrous-fed LS-powered wagon to the line hoping to take out the Vette and move on to the next round. Instead, she would end the event and send a wave of concern through the crowd when she got crossed up and slammed hard into the wall in the opposite lane. You can see the car lose traction early in the run, but it looks like Lea gets it under control. It’s a racer’s instinct to stay in the throttle if the other car is still close, and with the wagon back under control, Ochs rolls back into the throttle. That’ when things go from sketchy to downright scary when the car shot hard across both lanes and smacked the opposite wall at a pretty high rate of speed. You can see in the still frame toward the end of the video that the impact was forceful enough to fold the bottom half of the car underneath the top half, likely totaling the chassis.

While we certainly hate to see the car destroyed, Lea was able to walk away with non-life threatening injuries. She did have a concussion and a large bruise on her harm from the impact, but looking at this footage, her injuries could have easily been much worse had she not used the proper safety equipment. Thankfully we will most likely see Lea back behind the wheel as soon as she has another car to drive.