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Wagon Suffers Hard Hit At Cash Days

If you say your first reaction to this video didn’t start with “what the…” then I’m gonna call you a liar right now! You know good and well you didn’t see this bright chrome blue wagon with a Mustang front end and not mumble “WTF” under your breath.

However, the wagon, which I have to assume is a Ford Fairmont wagon similar to the car campaigned by our friend Lea Ochs, actually looks kind of cool with the Fox Body front clip, at least until the driver loses control and slams into the barriers setup alongside this road in Enid, OK for a cash days-type event. After smacking the barrier, it just looks downright sad.

We Amy actually get a glimpse of at least a contributing factor at the very beginning when we see the car doing it’s burnout before the race. A crewman tosses some traction compound under the tires and the driver starts heating the tires, only to have the car kick sideways, which causes him to lift out of the throttle before he gets to lay down a pair of nice fresh rubber lines on the surface, which is a public roadway that’s been blocked off for the event.

Couple that with a lower-than-normal tire temperature, also thanks to the abbreviated burnout process, and you have a recipe for tirespin and that’s exactly what happens. The driver hits the throttle and the car immediately smokes the tires. However, the S10 in the other lane doesn’t exactly drive away for an easy win, so the driver of the wagon keeps his foot planted, obviously hoping the car will eventually hook up and pull ahead of the pickup to take the win.

However, as you will see, that’s not what happens at all. Instead, the car continues to spin and begins to slide back and forth across the roadway, eventually getting completely sideways and shooting across the opposite lane into the makeshift retaining wall.

The driver appears to be uninjured, but the same can’t be said for this ride, which is battered pretty badly on the front end. Sometimes you just have to know when to lift and save your ride for another day.