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Wakeskating Behind A Drone, Can It Be Done?

When it comes to extreme sports, the implication of the internet has definitely changed the way that people go out there to get an adrenaline rush. From the way that it’s broadcasted all the way to the way that the sports are carried out has definitely changed as everyone is trying to one up the next guy, attempting the most extreme thing that they can, not only for internet fame but also to boost their personal adrenaline rush to an all new level, trying out something crazy and new in the name of going all out and creating a memory.

If there is one outlet that you can definitely expect to do everything that they can in the name of an ultimate adrenaline rush, we would definitely point to Red Bull as a group that has intense sports in mind. This time, they take the chance to try and crank up the intensity even more, using some of the technology that we have at our fingertips these days and repurposing it to act in a way that not too many people saw coming. We have to admit that this one has got our blood pumping, even from this side of the screen!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the sort of futuristic super sport that takes a wakeboarder and instead of having a traditional boat on the other end of the rope, instead, he has none other than a drone that appears to be a little bit beefier than the drones that you probably have come to be used to. To make a long story short, this might be the most intense wakeboarding session that you will ever see in your entire life, bar none. It might even give you some of your own action sports ideas.

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